January 2015

January 1, 2015
Happy New Year! Drove to Camp Bratton-Green in the morning to pickup Katie from Winter Solstice. She had a great time. I am so grateful that we have youth programs like this. I am equally grateful for the leadership and support that steps up to make programs like this possible.

January 2
Early morning workout. In the office for a sizable portion of the day. Meetings with Canon McCormick and Canon Johnson. I have a multitude of emails and letters to catch up on.

January 3
A quiet and calm day at home. Tension is building around the house related to school starting on Monday! I can’t wait!

January 4
Given that I have no scheduled visitation the girls attend church at St. Philips. After church Kyle joins us for lunch. People can probably imagine that it is very rare that we all have lunch out after church … so this is where everybody goes after church! In the afternoon I make a couple phone calls related to the Presbyter discernment retreat that begins tomorrow. My prayers are with the aspirants, their families and the committee.

January 5
Early morning workout.
Day off.

January 6
My office flooded over the weekend so there’s some chaos within! Staff meetings in the morning followed by meetings with Bishop Gray, Canon McCormick and Peggy Jones. At noon I have a lunch meeting with Canon McCormick, the Rev. Kyle Seage and the Rev. J.R. Lander from the Episcopal Network on Stewardship (TENS). It’s a very informative meeting and really helpful. TENS offers our churches a variety of resources.

In the afternoon I have a phone appointment with the Rev. Chuck Robertson from the Presiding Bishops office. They have assigned me to the Dispatch of Business Committee for the General convention … oh boy! Later in the afternoon I return more phone calls.

January 7
Early morning workout.
Gray Center for a meetings with the Presbyters discernment committee. Many thanks for the sacrifices made by these talented individuals and their assistance in our discernment process. Thanks also to those who come to this discernment committee seeking clarity about their call to serve God.

After the morning meetings and lunch I remain at Gray center and work on emails and another project. Later in the afternoon I depart for a vestry meeting at St. Georges in Clarksdale. I arrive home at 9pm … it’s been a long day!

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