February 2015

February 1
With no scheduled visitation I spent the morning at home working on my address to council. Sunday lunch with my daughters is followed by household chores. In the afternoon I attend an evening service at St. Philips and then on to a superbowl party with friends. Go Seahawks!

February 2
I’m still in shock over the outcome of the Super Bowl! I understand the need to stop the clock but give the beast a chance!

Kyle and I are on our way to the college for bishops conference in Richmond, VA. Looking forward to time with the other new bishops. Upon arrival we learn that 2 of the new bishops are delayed due to issues with weather.

February 3
It’s our first full day at the college for bishops gathering for new bishops and spouses. The conference center is lovely!

This is a great conference and helpful in many ways. I’m most appreciative for the opportunity to talk with other new Bishops. It’s amazing how many of us have similar questions as we begin this new ministry.

February 4
Another full day at Roslyn with the College for Bishops. Over lunch Kyle and I meet with the Rev. Dianne Vie. Dianne is completing a D.Min project on clergy couples within our church. We happen to the be first ever bishop and priest couple, in active ministry, serving in the same diocese. The number of clergy couples across our denomination is significant!

In the evening we attend a reception hosted by the Diocese of Virginia. Shannon and Ellen Johnston are in attendance. It’s great to see old friends from Mississippi.

February 5
After breakfast and morning worship we head to the airport with the other participants. All flights leave on time and we arrive early into Atlanta! Early enough to catch an earlier flight to Jackson. It’s good to be home. We enjoy supper with Katie and Betsy.

February 6
Morning workout.
Council. Council. Council! I spend a little bit of time reviewing my address to council. Thank God for Peggy Jones! Her editing of my work is fantastic and it’s formatted into an easy to read document. I have a midmorning meeting with Canon McCormack and go over the agenda. In the afternoon there’s a press conference along with Bishop Gray at the Convention center.

All the events of Friday night are fantastic. I feel like a 1000 pound weight is lifted off my back after finishing the address. I’m particularly thankful for the musical talents of Walton Jones as he pulls together a musical thank you for the Grays. When the evening comes to a close I attend an AA meeting at the convention center. It’s wonderful to have a strong recovery community in our church.

February 7
Saturday of council goes well except for some A/V issues which are outside of everyones control. The details related to this event are numerous to say the least. Thankfully we have many outstanding volunteers and staff. Many thanks to all the new committee members and all those who finished their respective terms.

In the evening Kyle is tied up with some host church stuff so I have a quiet supper out with my daughter Betsy.

February 8
The closing worship service of council is outstanding. The music and liturgy are really well crafted and rehearsed. Thank you to all the liturgists and musicians! Bishop Gray preached an excellent sermon. I am so grateful for his ministry and the incredible way he cared for us. It’s a very humbling and surreal moment when he passes the Crozier to me. It’s a joy to practice ministry within this church.

Me, Kyle, Katie and Betsy relax at home in the afternoon. In the evening we eat out. Supper is followed by me and Betsy watching the mid season premier of The Walking Dead. Spoiler alert … I can’t believe another one of my favorite characters met his demise!

February 9
Morning workout. Day off!

February 10
Morning workout. With Allin house closed in observance of Annual Council I take the day off. The bulk of the morning is spent doing laundry! At noon I enjoy lunch with the Very Rev. Edward O’Conner.
February 11
Early Morning workout. First day back at the office after annual council. First meeting is with a photographer for Portico magazine. Later in the morning I meet with the Rev. Chris Colby. Chris, now retired, is the former rector at Trinity in Pass Christian. We spent a great deal of time talking about the evangelism courses he’s been taking in New Orleans at the Baptist seminary. Chris is a wealth of information with tremendous knowledge on Church growth.

In the afternoon I meet with Tim Ryan from All Saints in Jackson. Late afternoon appointment with Nell Knox a reporter from Portico magazine.

February 12
In the morning I spend time in the office catching up on correspondence. In the afternoon I have a meeting with 2 parishioners from St. Peter’s in Gulfport. One of them spent a great deal of his life in California. It’s great to make a California connection.

February 13
Early morning workout. In the morning I catch up on emails and phone calls. After a lunch appointment with an old friend I head home to spend the afternoon with my daughters who have a minimum day at school.

February 14
Morning meeting at Gray Center with the board of managers. In the afternoon Kyle, Katie, Betsy and I enjoy Valentines day and a relaxing afternoon.

February 15
The service for the seating of the Bishop at the Cathedral takes place at 11am. A reception follows. St. Andrew’s has been a gracious host for all these important events in the life of our church. Thank You!

In the evening I head to Gray center for supper and a meeting with the Post Ordination Consultation (POC). This gathering provides time for fellowship and a good discussion with the newer ordinands in our Diocese.

February 16
Early morning workout. Day Off!

February 17
Busy day! Staff meetings in the morning. In the afternoon I meet with Tammie Stephens the director of the Storybook program for our Diocese. I’m very grateful for this ministry. Later in the afternoon I meet with Ralph Maisel and Margaret Ayres, diocesan representatives, from the order of St. Luke.

February 18
No workout due to early Ash Wednesday commitment at St. Andrew’s Lower School. After returning to the office I keep busy with various projects. In the afternoon I drive to Forest for a service with St. Matthew’s and Forest UMC. It’s a really well attended service. After the service a meal is served at St. Matthews.

February 19
In the morning I meet with David Johnson to discuss the GOE results. The rest of my morning is spend looking over the exams. Over lunch and into the afternoon I meet with the convocational deans. I appreciate them filling me in on so much of what’s going on in the Diocese. Late afternoon phone meeting with the Rev. Lynn Philips-Gaines.

February 20
Early morning workout. Morning meeting with the Rev. Bruce McMillan. The meeting with Bruce is followed by a meeting with Canon McCormack and Canon Johnson. After meeting with the Canons I walk over to the Cathedral with Gib Ford for an “official” photograph for the Diocesan archives. After lunch I meet with the prospective priest in charge of Trinity, Pass Christian and his wife. They’re great and, if called, will be a wonderful addition to our Diocese. Later I have a phone meeting with the Rev. Stephen Kidd, Priest in Charge, of St. Mark’s Gulfport.

After a long day I enjoy supper out with Kyle and some good friends. Following supper we attend New Stage.

February 21
Quiet Saturday at home.

February 22
Early morning departure for services at Trinity in Natchez. At the principal service I confirm 3 and receive 2. Following the service there’s a wonderful reception in the parish hall. After the reception I meet with the vestry. There’s a lot of great ministry going on at Trinity. In the afternoon the rector, Walton Jones, and I drive to Christ Church on Church Hill. This is the first church planted in the Diocese of Mississippi. It’s a really cool old building with lots history. At the service I baptize a baby girl. A reception follows the service. Upon returning to Natchez I check in at the Green Lea’s Bed and Breakfast. I was honored to dine with my host’s, Philip and Stella Carby members of Trinity.

February 23
No workout. I’m still in Natchez. Early in the morning I preside at the Junior Class blessing for Trinity Episcopal School. The blessing is followed by a tour of both campuses at Trinity School. I preside at chapel for the Lower School. At lunch I dine with the Rev. C.J. Meaders, Chaplain to the School.

In the afternoon I drive back to Jackson for meetings. During my drive the ice conditions and winter weather begins. In order to keep it safe I cancel an evening meeting and head home.

February 24
In spite of the threatening weather the meeting with the Trustees goes on as scheduled! I spent the afternoon catching up on paperwork before heading home.

February 25
No workout. Day off. The supposed snow day that keeps the girls at home ends up being the “phantom storm day.”

February 26
In the morning I keep a phone appointment with Chuck Barlow regarding our Uganda Overseas mission. Later I meet with William Ndishibandi about his ministry at All Saints and Jackson State. After that meeting I have an annual consultation with the Rev. Canon Jennifer Deaton from St. Andrew’s Cathedral. In the afternoon there is a meeting the Diocesan Giving Task force. Following the meeting with the task force I drive to Port Gibson for a visitation with St. James.

February 27
No workout. I’m tired and it’s Katie’s birthday and Betsy’s sick with the flu! I reschedule a morning meeting in order to take Betsy to the doctor. After getting her set up at home I head to the office for a meeting with the Rev. Patrick Sanders from St. Timothy’s in Southaven. In the afternoon I keep a meeting with one of our committee chairs. Later I rush home in order to get Katie to DOY and then relieve Kyle who is caring for Betsy before heading to Gray center for a vestry retreat.

February 28
I spend the day taking care of Betsy. In the evening after Kyle returns I go to the Yacht Club to be judge for the Girl scouts Desserts First competition. This years theme is Girl Scout Samoa Cookies!

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